Swing Easy When It's Breezy by Steve Phillips

Swing Easy When It's Breezy

by: Steve Phillips

Playing golf in the wind can be one of the most intimidating experiences. Wind can create uncertainty as to how it will impact your regular ball flight and distances. If you have experienced the strong gusts of Florida wind, then you know exactly what I mean. One simple tip I teach golfers of all skill levels is to make two key adjustments when battling the wind during your round.

First, move the ball back slightly in your stance (toward your right foot) as pictured below.

Step 1

This will de-loft the club and help lower ball flight. The lower you hit your ball, the less impact wind will have on its flight. Next, take a three-quarter swing (as pictured below) and avoid the temptation of hitting the ball harder to muscle it through the wind.

Step 1

Most amateurs think hitting it harder will make it fly through any wind condition better. On the contrary, hitting this shot too hard will cause excessive backspin on the ball and make it fly too high, thus making your shot more susceptible to wind gusts. Remember to swing easy when it’s breezy and practice these two main setup points when playing in the wind.

We look forward to seeing you on the course!

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