Sink your Short Putts! by Steve Phillips

Sink your Short Putts!

by: Steve Phillips

Putting is one of the toughest aspects of the game, since most of our strokes are counted on the green. This month's tip will focus on two aspects of the putting stroke: the length of the stroke and the acceleration through impact. These two factors lead to solid short putts (inside 10 feet) on a consistent basis. A great drill to use when working on consistent stroke length is to place a tee behind the ball off of your right foot (as pictured below).

Sink Your Short Putts - Tee Behind Ball

Try to keep your putting stroke short and smooth, making sure you accelerate through impact. If your club head hits the tee, you know you have gone too far back. Also, be sure to hold your finish position with the club head toward the hole (as pictured below) as this helps to reduce jerkiness in the stroke.

Sink Your Short Putts - Hold Your Finish

Practice the tee drill with your putting and starting sinking those short putts! Your scores will follow suit!

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