The Photo Finish by Steve Phillips

The Photo Finish

by: Steve Phillips

This month's tip covers one of the most fundamental aspects of the swing – balance. The concept of balance is difficult to communicate to some players as each person's physical makeup and balance is different. However, one simple concept I've seen work is having my students swing to their "photo finish" position in proper posture and balance (as pictured below). You want to be able to hold your pose on the follow through as if your picture was being taken to feature on the cover of Golf Magazine.

The Photo Finish - Hold Your Pose

How do we get to this position? Follow these simple steps:

  • Keep your feet quiet throughout the swing
  • Swing through the ball as if it wasn't there
  • Get your weight to the left side on the finish (if a right handed golfer)
  • Finish with your chest and belt buckle facing the target, with your right toe pointing to the ground

Practice your balance following these steps and be sure to hold your follow through position. The longer you can hold your pose, the better your "photo finish" will look! I look forward to seeing you at the course!Steve Phillips, PGA

Steve Phillips, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Mystic Dunes Resort & Golf Club
7900 Mystic Dunes Lane
Celebration, FL 34747
Ph: 407-787-5678
Fx: 407-787-5656

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